Take me home!

This is were the miscellaneous stuff goes, things that don't 'fit' anywhere else....

Who is Malc Pearce? Hmmm - I was born & raised in Suffolk & after spells in Manchester, Cheshire & London, I've now lived in Suffolk again for 20+ years.

I was a self employed IT contractor from 1993 until 2014 when EDF offered me a permanent job at a nuclear site that was too good to say no to... & I'm still there!

The very lovely Suzy is my wife, we got married in June 2017 & the four of us (with our children James & Jess) have done lots of fun things together over many years.

Other living relations? I have one sister, & she, John & Jen (my niece) live in London. My mum moved back to Suffolk from Cornwall several years back - which is nice for her to be local again!


The common in all it's splendour.                                                 The cottage.

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Eeeek - it's a picture of me from 2007. This is an old picture of me... c1996... big glasses!     ....and this a *VERY* old one, from about 1986! I had those glasses for way too long!
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Some photos of my wife Suzy... This is her in 2015. Suzy one evening during harvest 2013... This was little Suzy's first time... for combine spotting I mean!