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-:1990 - 2006:-


Floss was my first  little cat. She belonged to my mate's sister who couldn't afford an expensive vets bill and planned to have her put down. I saved her from a one way trip to the vets when she was eight, got her all healthy again and I had her for another 8 years after that. We went through a lot together, me and kitty, and there was one hell of a bond between us. Having her put down (kidney failure) was the hardest thing I've ever had to do...

So here are some pictures of ma kitty!

Way back in summer 1999, Flossy was (as usual) terrorising all the other living creatures anywhere near the cottage. One day, she picked on a hornet, and (surprise, surprise...) it stung her!  Unfortunately, it left it's sting in her paw, and it swelled up... and up... and up! Off to the vet, who removed the sting, and bandaged her paw to stop infection. This made walking tricky at the best of times, but getting upstairs to our bed, which she loved, was a nightmare and I had to carry her up the stairs! Check out the 'ouch' bandage...!



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